10 Dishwasher Life Hacks To Save You Time And Money

10 Dishwasher Life Hacks To Save You Time And Money

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Click Here For Video – 10 Dishwasher Life Hacks to Save You CASH and Time Durring Your Summer

1: Clean and Dirty Memo Flash Card

Write Clean on one Side of a Flash Card, and Dirty on the other side of card. Using a magnet, hang the card on the Dishwasher door for everyone in household to see.

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2: Use Vinegar as Rinse Agent to Remove Water Stains

Finish Rinse Agent that removes water stains or corrosion such as JetDry, or any other various brands available, can be expensive for a small bottle depending on stores or sales, instead, you use Vinegar for Sparkling Clean Dishes that only Cost less than just a few cents to Fill.

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(I do not claim any ownership of JetDry or do I intend

3: Clean Your Dish Sponges and Sanitize by Placing in Dishwasher

Place and wash your kitchen’s sponges by running through dishwasher and also sanitize them by doing so.

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4: Clean Plastic Toys and Dog Toys

Using low heat modes, you can clean and sanitize certain toys using your dishwasher.

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5: Clean Your Cabinet Handles

Place your Cabinet Handles in basket and run during a load and clean them while doing a load of dishes

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6: Wash Potatoes on Low Temp and No Detergent During Wash

When expecting to prepare a large feast, washing each potato individually can be very time consuming. You can wash them in your dishwasher, on Rinse Cycle or Lite\Small Wash ect, use NO DETERGENT, and turn OFF ADDED HEAT.

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7: You can Clean Dishwasher By Using Vinegar and Baking Soda

First run an empty load and pour 1 cup Vinegar in Dishwasher on High with Added Heat, after load is completed, Run another load with 1 Cup Vinegar again, but this time add Roughly Half-Cup Baking soda sprinkling in Bottom Of Dishwasher and Run on High again.

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8: Clean Your Hat Without Breaking Bill

You can wash your Hat on Top Dishwasher Rack without it hurting the bill. Just after Dishwasher is done running, Take your Hat out before ADDED HEAT mode, then let it air dry.

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9: Clean and Sanitize Paint Brushes by Running Through Dishwasher

After you rinse ALL paint off of your Paint Brushes, you can Wash them in Dishwasher to Clean and Sanitize your Brushes.

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10: Wash and Sanitize Your Hair Brushes

You can Wash and Sanitize your Plastic Hair Brushes (It Can Hurt Wood Brushes). Make Sure to Remove All Hair From Brushes before placing in dishwasher.

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