2003 Grand Am 2.2 ecotec engine how to change oil with internal filter 1999-2005

How to change oil on 2003 Grand Am with 2.2 ecotec engine 1999-2005
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Step 1:

SAFELY place oil collection pan under vehicle, you may have to use Jacks and JACK STANDS. NEVER GET UNDER A VEHICLE PLACED ONLY ON A JACK WITHOUT JACKSTANDS.

Step 2:

Underneath Vehicle, loosen Oil Drain Plug, and drain oil out into collection pan. After Completely Draining oil from Oil Pan, Replace Oil Drain Plug and Completely tighten Bolt.
2.2 Oil Change Ecotec pic 5

Step 3: 

Open Hood, and locate the Filter Cover cap, Its plastic on driver side of engine under the Intake Manifold.2.2 Oil Change Ecotec2.2 Oil Change Ecotec pic 2

Step 4

Using a “1 1-4 Socket”, Loosen The Filter Cover Cap and Remove Cap Then Filter.
2.2 Oil Change Ecotec pic 3
2.2 Oil Change Ecotec pic 4

Part 5

Remove Old Seal around the rim Oil Filter Cover Cap
2.2 Oil Change Ecotec pic 6

Then Replace with New Seal
2.2 Oil Change Ecotec pic 7

Part 6

Insert New Filter into engine with Nipple Down and Snap in so Filter is completely all way in and close to being flush.
2.2 Oil Change Ecotec pic 8

Part 7

I like to pour a little fresh oil into filter after I install it so that the filter is not dry when starting the engine after the oil change. Then Replace Oil Filter Cover Cap and Tighten. Then Fill Engine Oil to FULL according to Dip Stick.
2.2 Oil Change Ecotec pic 9

Part 8

To Reset The Oil Change Light, Open Driver Door, and Open Fuse Panel and the will be a Red Reset Button. Turn Key into On Position then hold Reset till you hear a Chime and Light Flashes Then Shuts OFF
2.2 Oil Change Ecotec pic 10
2.2 Oil Change Ecotec pic 11
2.2 Oil Change Ecotec pic 12

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