Very Simple Trigger – Homemade Sling Bow Speargun Sling Shot Rifle – “Bam!!! DEAD FISH!!!” –


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Lately I been working on a Sling Bow or Spear Gun depending on how it is being used. I was planning on using it more as a fishing bow for kayaking gigging or close to those circumstances, but after doing a little research, diving and spear fishing seems like it would be pretty fun also so I’m not sure how I want to approach this situation, haha.

Sling Bow Spear Gun with Simple Trigger 01

Anyways, I built a simple prototype so I could get a better idea of what I want and absolutely LOVED IT!!!! I took a 2×4  that was about 30 inches long and cut a simple handle on it then cut the rest of board in half length-wise.  Then using the table saw, I cut a slot down the length of the board so the arrow I’m using as a spear or Fishing Arrow could rest more easily once the gun is cocked and loaded.

Sling Bow Spear Gun with Simple Trigger 07

I used some Surgical hose that I used to make a rough sling shot a few months ago, I just turned the hose and satchel around backwards and using a small nail, I mounted the leather pocket to the end of the board that is the spear gun or sling bow. Once it was mounted, I tied some paracord to end of hose for the arrow Nock to rest in, then I took a small piece of copper wire bent in a loop to hook on the Trigger Assembly. I also tied a loop to help cock the gun.

Sling Bow Spear Gun with Simple Trigger 04

Sling Bow Spear Gun with Simple Trigger 03

For the Simple Trigger, I took a bent nail, cut off the point with my dremmel, then using another nail, I drove in a little of the straight nail, after it was drove far enough in to make it stable under pressure, I pressed the bent nail in the slot so when I pushed down on the “Trigger Nail” it would “lift” the copper wire up off the Shaft, which in turn, Releases the rubber hose firing the gun/bow.

Sling Bow Spear Gun with Simple Trigger 02

Sling Bow Spear Gun with Simple Trigger 08

For the Spear or Arrow, I had an old slightly bent aluminum arrow with damaged fletchings. I cleaned off any fletching that was left on the shaft, then “eyeballing” the arrow, I straightened any of the obvious bends that I could see, then put one of my “Practice Arrowheads” in as to not damage any of my “Razor Tip” Arrowheads. Then using my Dremmel again, I drilled a small hole through the top of the arrow and then cut off the “Head” of another nail, trying not to damage the integrity and strength of the Arrow.  I placed the nail through the hole, the bent it in a “U” shape with the points down, but loose enough that it can spin the points up when retrieving your arrow from “prey” or targets. I plan on drilling another hole through arrow towards the bottom  to attach a line or cable then attach a fishing reel or spool to the gun itself.

Sling Bow Spear Gun with Simple Trigger 09

I tied some paracord in a loop to help pull back to “Load” or “Cock” the gun. To cock it, I check the bent nail to assure it is pressed down far enough, then place arrow/spear down into the “Nock” then pull the loop of paracord down to the “Simple Trigger” then point and “FIRE” by pressing down on nail releasing Copper Wire.

Sling Bow Spear Gun with Simple Trigger 05

This is currently only a toy or prototype right now, I plan on redoing quite lot of it including replacing the copper wire with something a little stiffer. It seems to be slowly bending itself with each fire, but still seems to be working fine, just is handling a lot of force on each fire.

I should have used a better wood though, I just used a piece of pine from scrap pile and it really wanted to float quite a lot when I took to the creek. I may decide to use PVC pipe next time.

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