How to Make a Cheap Insect Ant and Roach Trap

How to Make a Cheap Insect Ant and Roach Trap


Step 1:

Gather supplies- Sugar, water, boric acid, gloves, containers to place mixture in, and something to mix it in and with.


Step 2:

Mix the sugar, boric acid (it doesn’t take much about 3 parts sugar to 1 part boric acid), and water into a paste.


Step 3:

Spoon or pour into containers. In this case I have used a old jar lid and a soda can. When using a soda can write on it and crush it slightly to help insure that it is not mixed up as a regular soda.

KIMG0437 KIMG0438 KIMG0440

Step 4:

Place in trouble areas, BUT Be sure that pets and children are unable to get to it.

Step 5:

If you did not use a disposable container to mix the paste in wash it with soap and water while you still have the gloves on.

This Kills the bugs where they live, hide, and breed because they carry it away with them.


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