Got It To Work – Unlimited Hotspot – USB EasyTether To Mobile Router WIFI With LAN Cable To Xbox One

Cricket Unlimited Plan Without Hotspot

Phone is a Samsung J2 Pure EasyTether Pro From Android App Store

Router is GL iNet 300m Mini Smart Router MODEL: GL-AR300m VERSION: 3.104

I had to look up and THEN WITH SHH AND PUTTY load the Easy Tether Pro Drivers to the Router remotely via laptop. Connected Xbox One with WIFI and Lan Cable afterwards, but no matter what I did I personally so far couldn’t change NAT sections from STRICT but its plays multiplayer just fine so far. I will update later as problems develop Guys LET ME KNOW IF I NEDD TO SHOW HOW AND I WILL MAKE VIDEO IF I GET ENOUGH VIEWS SUBSCRIBERS AND COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks please subscribe to help my Youtube channel grow.

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