10 HD Simple Life Hacks For June 2016


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1: Place a Dry Towel in Dryer with Wet Clothes to Shorten Drying Time



You can shorten drying time by placing a Dry Towel in dry with Wet Cloths.

2: How To Cleanly Cut a Soda Can


2016-06-21 (1)

2016-06-21 (2)

2016-06-21 (3)

Place a razor in a book with tip sticking out and stack books to desired height of cut on can.

2016-06-21 (4)

Spin can on level surface with books with razor, scouring all way around can several times.

2016-06-21 (5)

Once scouring is complete, you will be able to press in near the cut and the scour will start to separate. work cut all the way around can until can is 2 pieces.

2016-06-21 (6)

3: You Can Use  A Coffee Pot to Iron Clothes


2016-06-21 (7)

Heat a pot of water by running Coffe pot WITHOUT and coffee grounds

2016-06-21 (8)

Once Coffee Maker is done, lay out clothes and slowly drag pot across wrinkles.

4: Clothespin on Cereal Bag to Keep From Going Stale


2016-06-21 (9)

You can keep your cereal fresh longer by using a clothespin on bag after folding up bag.

2016-06-21 (10)

5: Storing Small Items Inside Empty Pill Bottles

2016-06-21 (12)

You can store small items like Thumb Tacks or Paperclips inside of Empty Pill Bottles

2016-06-21 (13)

6: Paperclip Under Tape Flap to Easily Use


2016-06-21 (16)

You can stick a Paperclip inside of the ends of tape to keep it from getting stuck while your using tape.

2016-06-21 (18)

7: Open Jar Lid With Belt For Better Leverage


2016-06-21 (22)

If you have a stuck jar lid, then a belt may help you open it

2016-06-21 (23)

Wrap the belt all way around Lid and run belt through Belt Latch to get completely tight, make sure and wrap so when u pull or twist, it will turn jar lid in same direction as open.  Usually with the extra leverage, the jar will open.

2016-06-21 (25)

8: Phone in Cup


2016-06-21 (26)

You can place you Phone inside of a cup to seemingly increase your phone sound. It will direct sound towards you if positioned in your direction.

2016-06-21 (27)

9: Remove Sprayer Head For Steady Stream to Fill Bottles


2016-06-21 (28)

If you have trouble filling bottles, or need a flexible hose to use your water, then simply CARFEULLY unscrew your Shower Head, or Kitchen Sink Sprayer, Be Careful not to lose or hurt oil ring inside and don’t over tighten when replacing, its usually only Plastic and Plastic can break very easily.

2016-06-21 (29)

10: Tie Knot in an Ear Bud


2016-06-21 (31)

If you constantly struggle to figure out which Ear Bug is Right or Left, Then tie a Knot in one side then you will always know the side you tied a knot is either right or left depending on your choice.

2016-06-21 (32)

2016-06-21 (33)

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